E- TRAVELRESULT is a full service organisation operating as a specialist in the most challenging e-commerce marketplace, where the highest volume of transactions is established :

(leisure-travel , business-travel , airlines, E-services)

Market situation in a nutshell:

This marketplace shows the highest number of online transactions, and is growing New players are entering this arena, and existing (old) players have to change their business model and their marketing and distribution strategies.

NEW !!! Certified partner van www.tememo.nl

E-TRAVELRESULT heeft de Benelux verkooprechten verkregen van dit mooie product op het gebied van online rating en review, en is nu Certified Partner.

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To achieve this there is a need for specialised experience:

  • a combination of knowledge from the TRAVEL, AIRLINE, E-COMMERCE, IT, and RETAIL industry
  • strategic online marketing and sales experience
  • a solid network
  • e-commerce strategies
  • This combination of expertise and experience is very rare, and hard to find.

    E-Travelresult is an exclusive company with this expertise, and can act as your partner to achieve your objectives in this online travel marketplace.